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The unique hearing assessment

Age UK Hearing Aids are dedicated to helping people hear more clearly, whether you already have NHS hearing aids or would like to purchase privately we are here to make sure you get the most out of your hearing solution.

The free, no-obligation hearing assessment provided by UK Hearing Care is the most comprehensive available and is carried out by one of their fully qualified Health Care Professions Council registered audiologists

During the hearing assessment they carry out a number of detailed test procedures in order to assess how far any damage to the entire auditory system has progressed within five key areas.

These are described as the five phases of communication decline.

Phase 1 - Sensitivity to sound

In order to hear something, that sound must be loud enough to be audible. Damage to the auditory system causes the level at which a sound becomes audible to be higher than normal. Standard Pure Tone Audiometry is used to assess any decline in sensitivity to sound.

Phase 2 – Speech discrimination in quiet

Even in ideal listening environments some people struggle to understand speech. Free Field Word Recognition Tests are used, presented through a calibrated loud speaker, to assess any decline in speech recognition.

Phase 3 – Speech discrimination in noise

Communication in noise is harder for everyone, but some people have more difficulty than others and this is the most commonly reported and most important area of communication difficulty for most of the patients UK Hearing Care see. The Quick SIN Speech in noise test is used to measure what level speech needs to be, relative to all other competing sounds for a patient to be able to follow a conversation. This assesses any decline is speech discrimination in noise.

Phase 4 – Annoyance from background noise

Everyone has a tolerance for background noise, a level at which they find noise simply annoying. The Acceptable Noise Level test (ANL) is used to measure at what level an individual finds noise annoying relative to a conversation at a comfortable volume. This assesses any decline in acceptable noise levels.

Phase 5 – Non response to amplification

Hearing and communication is highly complex and involves many processes and high level brain function. For some patients the damage to one or more of these processes can mean that they will get little to no benefit from amplification. Aided Free Field Word Recognition Tests are used to assess the potential for improvement through amplification.

Using these different assessment tools the audiologist can identify how far any damage to the auditory system has progressed, and the impact caused in each of the 5 phases of communication decline.

After the audiologist has carried out the assessment they will give you a full explanation of the results to ensure you fully understand the nature of your hearing difficulties and how they are affecting you. They will then advise you on the options available to you and what tailored hearing solution will assist with your individual hearing difficulties. If you would like, as part of the consultation they can give you a demonstration of your ideal hearing solution, so you can find out what difference this would make to your hearing.

Where can you have your hearing assessment?

UK Hearing Care want to make it as easy as possible for you to find the hearing loss solution that is right for you. A UK Hearing Care audiologist is happy to conduct the full 5 phase hearing test wherever is best for you: at home or in a location close to you. If you would like to have your hearing test at home, rest assured that you will get exactly the same test, which includes a recommendation of the best hearing aid for your needs.


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