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Going further than a standard hearing test

While most other companies only conduct a Pure Tone Audiometry (PTA) test, it doesn't paint a full picture of why your hearing may be deteriorating. UK Hearing Care go further, and provide a range of key assessments to determine exactly how your hearing has deteriorated and why.

Education and aftercare is essential to their service; not only will we help you to understand your hearing and why changes are happening, but they will also be on hand with a rehabilitation and support network to help you adjust to a new way of living once they've helped to choose and fit your new hearing aid.

'The support of the audiologists and staff could not be better a phone call and help is practically immediate. To know that this care will continue is very comforting.'

Livia Pryar

A five-phase hearing test deeper than any other

We may listen with our ears but we hear with our brain; A UK Hearing Care audiologist will work to determine the health of all parts of your hearing system through a unique personalised five phase hearing test and assessment that will take into account your sensitivity to sound, your ability to recognise speech, acceptable noise levels to your condition and much more.

UK Hearing Care are proud of their five-phase hearing test assessment that no other company in the United Kingdom can currently offer, and are keen to show you how they can provide you with an assessment and aftercare solution that helps you adjust to a new way of living.

Free hearing tests from our expert audiologists

No-one should be sentenced to a life of isolation simply because their ability to hear clearly is deteriorating.

UK Hearing Care is able to provide free hearing tests for people concerned about the state of their hearing, with their team of independent experts able to visit people at their home or wherever may be most suitable for their needs. They're also able to provide tests at over 80 Age UK locations across the United Kingdom.

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