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Hearing Aid Prices & Costs

There's more to the price of a hearing aid than the price of a hearing aid!

For many things, the choice to purchase one product over the other comes down to price. But that isn't the case with hearing aids, it all depends on your level of hearing loss, your lifestyle and the hearing aid technology. These solutions all have a an important part to play than hearing aid price alone.

The kind of hearing aid technology you choose is important to your lifestyle and must fit with your budget. Age UK Hearing Aids, want to be clear about the price of hearing aids and be up front about everything you get with your purchase.

Depending on your lifestyle and your personal hearing requirements, all the hearing aids fit within the price ranges below:


The You Range

£395 to £795

per hearing aid

From as little as £395, they can provide people who live quieter lifestyles with simple hearing aids and solutions to suit more moderate environments. The You range is ideal for those who need assistance with one-on-one conversations and common activities such as talking on the phone and watching TV.

The Home Range


per hearing aid

The Home range is especially useful for people with hearing difficulties who lead independent lives, but also for those who are less active in more complex listening environments. This can include activities where people communicate in small groups such as; coffee mornings, visiting the theatre or shopping.

The Friends and Family Range


per hearing aid

The Friends and Family range is the perfect companion for those who enjoy an active and independent lifestyle. The technology involved in this range includes noise control and directional settings; essential for those who regularly gather with friends and family and who also have to compete with background noise in areas such as restaurants and supermarkets.

The Social Range


per hearing aid

People who enjoy active social lifestyles will find a friend in the Social range. It's an extremely useful hearing solution for those who regularly find themselves in complex listening environments including indoors and outdoors, during conversation, within small and large groups, at gatherings, business meetings

The Active Range


per hearing aid

Aimed at the most socially active and demanding person. This level of technology typically has the most advanced noise control, fully automatic features, wireless capabilities and is suitable for use in all environments, 1-to-1 through to the most demanding cocktail party.

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