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Hearing Aid Fitting

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The UK Hearing Care service

Once your assessment has been completed, you move on to the fitting stage. Here, the results of your assessment are taken and used in a highly detailed and ethical way. UK Hearing Care make sure to take account of your informed choices throughout and deliver what is right from a technical standpoint, as well as what is right for you as an individual.

After visiting this website it is hoped that you’ll book a full UK Hearing Care assessment and that you’ll be impressed with the thoroughness of UK Hearing Cares tests and the professionalism of their audiologists. All of them are trained in how to handle any questions or comments that might arise and to respect the choices of the patient.

The approach:

The aim is to ensure that you enjoy the greatest possible improvement and the best value for money. UK Hearing Care have access to every manufacturer and only prescribe the newest and most appropriate technologies.

They specialise in offering a wide selection of discreet and invisible hearing aids, and because of their detailed assessment they can tailor-make the best solution for you.

Independence & Ethics:

Many hearing aid companies are either owned by or have a supply agreement with a manufacturer and as such they are not truly independent.

UK Hearing Care is fully independent. This means that they can supply hearing solutions to you from any manufacturer which allows them to have a much broader view of the market and the latest technologies.

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