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Age UK Hearing Aids Frequently asked questions

Q. How do I book a hearing test with Age UK Hearing Aids?

A. To book a free hearing test with Age UK Hearing Aids, call UK Hearing Care on 0808 102 0000

Q. Where do I have my hearing test?

A. UK Hearing Care can visit you at home, or you can visit one of our many high street hearing assessment facilities across the UK.

Q. Who carries out my hearing test?

A. A qualified UK Hearing Care audiologist registered with the Health and Care Professions Council will carry out your test. If your test is at home, they will show you identification.

Q. What will happen during my hearing test?

A. Your audiologist will ask you a series of questions before examining your ears. Then your hearing will be tested and plotted on a graph. Further tests will establish how you respond to noise and the suitability of hearing solutions. You will be given a full explanation of the results and recommended solutions, before you have the opportunity to try them for yourself during the test.

Q. What is the benefit of having an evidence based hearing assessment?

A. The unique hearing assessment and test provided by UK Hearing Care gives a true understanding of your hearing loss, allowing the audiologist to ascertain the benefit you will get from your chosen hearing system and quantify the improvement you will have in key listening environments. The most appropriate bespoke hearing system can then be prescribed tailored to your specific requirements.

Q. How much does a hearing aid cost?

A. The NHS offers a free service, however, for those of you who opt for the service and choice, offered by UK Hearing Care, hearing aid pricing varies according to your individual needs, tastes and budget. The cost of an Age UK hearing aid is generally between £395 and £1745.

Q. What are the benefits of choosing Age UK Hearing Aids rather than the NHS?

A. Why Age UK Hearing Aids? You'll enjoy greater choice, more sophisticated technology, shorter waiting times, superior after-sales service and excellent value.

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Q. Where can I buy new hearing aid batteries and accessories?

A. Just call 0808 102 0000 when you need new hearing aid batteries or accessories.

Q. What if my hearing aids do not deliver as promised?

A. The evidence based hearing test verifies that the hearing system fitted for you will be suitable and perform as agreed every step of the way. You may take advantage of the 100% money back guarantee if the hearing system does not perform as agreed in your consultation.

Q. Who provides the Age UK Hearing Aids products and service?

A. Age UK Hearing Aids is provided by UK Hearing Care working in association with the Age UK Trading CIC. Your hearing assessment will be arranged by UK Hearing Care, who will refer you to one of their qualified audiologists to carry out your hearing assessment. All hearing aids, aftercare services and warranties are provided and sold by UK Hearing Care. Age UK Trading CIC works with UK Hearing Care to ensure that you receive an exceptional service and the right products to suit your personal needs.

Q. What do I do if my hearing aid is faulty?

A. Simply call the UK Hearing Care customer service team on 0808 102 0000 if you have any problems with your hearing aid. UK Hearing Care will ensure you get it back to full working order as soon as possible.

Q. How do I look after my hearing aid?

A. Your audiologist will help you with servicing and maintaining your hearing aid. You'll enjoy free aftercare for the lifetime of your hearing aid, including adjustments, software updates and reprogramming should your hearing needs change over time.

Q. Will my hearing aid come with a warranty?

A. All hearing aids provided by UK Hearing Care have a 24-month warranty to cover you if there is a fault. The warranty doesn't cover physical damage or tampering, but extended care plans are available.

Q. How does my purchase of an Age UK Hearing Aid go towards helping support Age UK's charitable work to improve later life for us all?

A. Age UK Hearing Aids are provided by UK Hearing Care working in association with Age UK Trading CIC. Age UK Trading CIC is a trading subsidiary of Age UK which donates its net profits to Age UK. UKHCMS will aim to raise a minimum of £420,000 during 2016/17 for Age UK (charity number 1128267) through the promotion and sale of hearing aids. Age UK Trading CIC is registered in England and Wales, number 01102972. Registered office: Tavis House, 1-6 Tavistock Square, London, WC1H 9NA.”

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