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Hearing Aftercare

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Hearing aid aftercare programme

UK Hearing Care is committed to caring for all your hearing needs. They will carry on supporting you once you've purchased your hearing system, whenever you need them.

It is recommended that you take advantage of the fantastic aftercare service to get your hearing system serviced and maintained regularly.

This will help you get maximum benefit from them and ensure you are maximising your hearing abilities for years to come.

UK Hearing Care are here to help, so please get in touch if you need help with any hearing issues.

  • To discuss your hearing difficulties
  • To book a free hearing assessment
  • To repair or replace a faulty hearing aid
  • To get advice about cleaning and maintenance
  • To order batteries or other hearing aid accessories
  • To refer a friend or relative
  • For any other problems or questions

'My old hearing aids were unreliable and failed to help with clarity and background noise in particular. The audiologist gave me the most comprehensive hearing test I have ever had. I made my choice of hearing aid and they arrived a week later. They were a revelation. The sound was so different and amazing. I am so delighted. Thank you.'

Mr R Phillips

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